1'X1' concrete footing, do I need to add wire to deter diggers?

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    I am getting ready to do the footing on my coup. The footing will be 1 foot wide and 1 foot deep all the way around with 8 inch concrete block on top of that, higher against the slope. will I need to add a dig proof skirting outside of the run to deter diggers? The floor will be dirt in both the coop and the run. The coop and run or inside a 6 foot fence area. I live in the mountains in the forest. My predators are bobcats mountain lions raccoons dogs and cats I have not seen possums up here, we have wood rats they make nest above ground, never seen one on my property. Oh ya, snakes too
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    The concrete 1'x1' footing for the coop is adequate to deter diggers, but you need that also around the run or you sink hardware cloth into the ground angled outward all around the run fence. Dogs are the biggest diggers. Wild cats and domestic cats, not so much.
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    The run and coop all the same, 3 1/2 walled coop with barn door to the run, plan on leaving it open all the time. But the footing goes around the whole thing.


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    Here's the "blueprint" complete with daughters art work and the possible coop names, Peeps Place in first place right now

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