2 1/2 week old chick passing blood lethargic is tetracycline right?


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Apr 21, 2013
Hi, I'm new to BackYard Chickens and to chickens in general! We started with seven chicks. They're now between 1 1/2 and 2 1/2 weeks old. One died within 24 hours of getting her home, the others have all been fine until this morning when I discovered drops of blood in the pine shavings in their brooder box. Two days ago I noticed that one chick seemed ruffly, was pecking at her feathers, and had loose reddish stools. I called the feed store and he said he's been raising/selling chickens for years. He said to use electrolytes but not to worry because coccidiosis hasn't been seen in our area (Denver, CO) in years. (I bought the sick chick from a different store.)

However, this morning I discovered the blood. I figured out it was the same chick. I isolated her and cleaned everything, but she's been sleeping, lethargic, not eating or drinking all day. It's a Sunday and the feed store I purchased them from was closed. I called the only feed store in the area I could find that was open and they told me I needed to put the entire flock on antibiotics immediately. Two people who worked there (who said they have tons of experience with chickens) gave me tetracycline hydrochloride.

I've been dipping the sick one's beak in the water (has the antibiotic and electrolyte powders in it) but she's since passed more blood, frothy diarrhea, and black tarry diarrhea. She hasn't moved from one spot in hours and won't drink/eat on her own.

We've read a ton and have been very careful with these chicks! We started at 90-95 degrees and have been dropping 5 degrees weekly (with enough space for them to choose their desired temperature), clean out litter every other day, check/clean waterer and feeder several times a day. They're on a medicated chick starter and chick grit and I've been putting eletrolyte + probiotic powders in their water since we got them.

Help! I'm worried the tetracycline isn't right for this and I'm confused b/c when I look online coccidiosis seems to match the symptoms. But experienced sellers in my area either haven't seen it in years or recommend tetracycline.

Thanks for any advice!
There are so many things it could be but I don't recall anyone treating symptoms with tetracycline - I believe they use Corid. Please post her symptoms in detail on the emergencies thread - where people with more experience will tell you what to do. I hope she will be okay.
Thank you for your help!! I put it on the emergency thread. I'm even more confused now b/c another feed store employee said it DOES sound like coccidiosis but that tetracycline is the preferred treatment. ??? She seems to be doing a little better.
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