2 1/2 week old Ideal White Chinese goslings

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Jun 13, 2009
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Up date on my little darlings...they are so darned cute...when I sing to them they all come running with their necks stretched out and singing back...so sweet...so innocent...soooooo...this morning when I went out to clean up their "room" and freshen their water and fill their feeder, I found very squished and very dead mice...the little dinosaurs are keeping the "varmits" out of their territory at three weeks of age...who needs a cat? Not me, I have goslings...

And Barney the adult gander stays by their pen most of the day on guard duty...he will leave to get some water once in a while but all day he is standing in the planter by the baby geese watching them and chatting at them very softly...he has never shown any aggression but now when or if, I get too close to the pen where he is at, he drops his head and hisses at me to warn me away from "his" goslings...I think it is all too funny and cute...of course, he hasn't hit me yet...if he trys that my attitude will be modified...I did catch him yesterday and carry him around for a while just to make a point...he doesn't know what to do...all three of his girls are laying and he has to check on them...he has the babies to guard...he is watching the sky for hawks...hissing at the dogs...he is a very busy gander...by the time the babies are ready to go on the yard with him and the girls stop laying, he is going to need a vacation at some exotic spa for stressed out ganders...
That's funny

Do your adult geese get 'put-up' at night? If so, I would try letting the babies out during the day, and see if they will go in the older geese's pen/house. I've heard many people say that adult geese will adopt goslings that are not theirs, it sounds like this is what your guy is doing. Just a thought

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