2 1/2 week old silkies- sick

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    My new silkies are 2 1/2 weeks old now. Each of them were sick from the first day I brought them home (when they were 2 days old), one was sneezing and the other one had constant head shakes. I thought the head shakes were neurological until recently when she started scratching at her ears. We use crazy careful precautions to protect our laying flock from the babes and any other possible source of illness, and I'm positive my flock are all well and haven't infected the chicks. The lady that sold me the chicks said that she got the eggs from someone else and hatched them, although they do have their own chickens, and they could have been infected with something through cross-contamination, since the chicks were in the house and the chickens were out back. whew, sorry about that rambling run-on. So I've just been watching them for a few days to see what develops, and nothing's changing. So is it earmites? And if so, what do I use? Could she have had head shakes without scratching for 2 weeks and have ear mites? Could it be both, ear mites and neurological? I kinda think it's ear mites... what do I use and how do I apply it? It's really hard to hold a chick's head still, uncover the ear, and even look in, never mind putting medication in it!

    The sneezing chick was sneezing from the beginning and started having runny nose a few days after he came home, which is getting better... less frequent now with no other symptoms. Do I need to do anything for him?

    They both eat, sleep, poo, drink normally, with good energy and no other symptoms.

    Thanks you guys, you're all so wonderful... [​IMG]

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    I'm not an expert on ear mites or the sneezing but try going to this site...poultryhelp.com and there should be a link or help there...
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    a vitamin supplement might help (if parents were deficient this will come thru to the chicks...if somehting else then malabsorption of nutrients might be responsible for deficiencies and a supplement would help get their own immune systems up to par)... Avia Charge 2000 is a complete supplment (you can order online from McMurray or Strombergs)... there is also a RoosterBooster general supplement and feed stores often carry that (DURVET is usually an electrolyte combined with vitamins and unless you suspect you bird is not drinking sufficiently or is panting then you will not need that). In the mean time you can give them three drops of POLYVISOL if you have that in the house (childrens liquid A-B-D vitamin) once a day for a week. Ideally you would want to consult a vet for the ear mites and they can advise you best on that.
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    New Hampshire
    Thank you Tuff for the link, I'll take a look and see what information I can find there. [​IMG]

    dlh, I don't have any vitamins, but will pick some up today. Thank you, I wish I had thought of that a long time ago. Poor guys. A vet for ear mites, huh... bleh.... I doubt I can find a chick doctor around here, kwim? Any ideas in lieu of a vet?

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