2-3 chickens went to 23 quickly!!!


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5 Years
Mar 16, 2014
Recently we became a family with chickens...we started with 8 chick's from tsc (4 gold sex link and 4 Americana)...but the 3 and 7 yr old got impatient quickly wondering where all the eggs were at...so we found 3 laying hens for sale locally...1 brahma 1 barred rock and 1 white rock (we love a variety)...then a Craigslist contact called me with a laying hen special. ..we ended up with 6 aruacana laying hens for cheap...and the other day we found 6 of the last australorp chick's left at our local Co op...that's 23 altogether...good thing I built a huge coop and run!!! We are loving it...Our girls make our day!!! Here's a pic of our big girls...Emma, henny penny, rose, lincoln and lucy
The crate coop in the background is for a friend...much too small for our many girls

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