2.5 yr old Brahma/Golden Comet hen molting- lethargic?

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    Jul 19, 2011
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    Hey all, I have a 2.5 yr old Brahma/Golden Comet hen who's not doing so good. She's molting right now and is the only one who hasn't feathered back out. Everyone else's feathers have come back completely or almost completely at this point.

    She was moving kinda slow the other day, and inspection didn't turn up anything-she is not being bullied, she's in the top tier of pecking order. Her crop was fine, no impacted egg, no diarrhea, no outward injuries, no mites, no water belly (which is was the demise of the Golden Comet hens generation that she descended from). She perked up the other day. She's not favoring one side over the other. She just seems really tired and is moving really slow now. She ate just fine last night and this morning. When I was taking them some greens just a bit ago, the other chickens all ran for them and she slowly made her way halfway to me and stopped because there was a small tree in her way and she seemed to lack the energy to go around. She is alert and moving her head at a normal speed and manner, it's just her feet are moving so slow. She's not showing any signs of being off balance. Just really tired or really in pain. I don't want to seperate her from the rest of the flock b/c it's supposed to turn off really cold here tonight. Any thoughts? I don't want her to suffer ofcourse but don't have a problem putting her in a stew pot. She is one of my best layers though. If I'm gonna put her down, I need to do it today, otherwise it'll be too cold and I'm afraid she'll expire on her own if I wait. Any thoughts? I had another have all the same symptoms about 2 months ago and she just fell over dead 1 afternoon but she was a completely different breed but was the same age. 10 of the 13 hens that I have are all the same age, so I don't think it's an age issue.

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