2 6 week olds escape from the group

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    We have two separate groups of chicks, 10 weeks and 6 weeks. I have been letting older birds have free range time, very supervised. I also have been allowing for supervised integration briefly the last 2 evenings, the 6 week olds have never ventured outside though. So tonight a little ?friendly squawking let about 6 of the babies get out font door of coop. Well 4 came back in with some shooing, the other two were together and spooked, went under chicken coop that we haven't finished predator proofing. [​IMG] So there goes my husband and 4 and 5 year olds under the coop to flush them out.[​IMG] Coop built on a hill and goes from2 feet off ground to about 8 inches off ground in one spot. I was the official chaser. I didn't have a camera, but would have paid to have someone shoot a picture of the chaos, me running around (barefoot), trying to make sure kids didn't squish the little fellas . . Finally got them both in, squawking up a storm (us and the 2 chicks). [​IMG][​IMG]. We laughed so hard. Just had to share! Truly our first set of chicks was so perfect whenever we have let them out, anyway, we are working on their secure runs, it will be soon.
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