2 babies in the same nest....Finally!!

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    I went to check on and feed my doves. All 3 pairs have been setting eggs. One pair in particular, the male is always off the nest to 'greet' me when I get to their cages. I guess he thinks he's going to starve to death if he doesn't have EXACTLY the seed that he wants. So when I got to the pen he was on the nest...not normal for him. I picked him up and saw 2 little babies under him! [​IMG] This pair has hatched 3 babies this year, 1 in one nest and 2 in another. The nest with 2 had one that was easily 3 or 4 days younger than the older one and so it died. These are both the same size so I'm pretty sure they'll be able to raise them both. [​IMG]

    I'd been feeding them wild bird seed (milo, millet, wheat, black oil sunflowers, and cracked corn), but they were having terrible luck hatching their eggs. About 6 weeks or so ago I started giving them some of the chickens' layer crumbles and this seems to have helped a lot.

    I also decided to check the 'eggs' from one of my other pairs, a pair that hasn't hatched any babies all year. I think the hen is old but I don't know for sure. I've only seen 3 eggs from that pair all year. Anyway, I checked their 'eggs' last night only to find that they had no eggs [​IMG] They did have 2 eggs when they started. But one of my pigeons had laid eggs in 2 separate nests, so they aren't sitting on one of the eggs. So now that pair has a pigeon egg, we'll see how they do with it. I don't think they'll be able to break it as easily, I just hope they hatch it [​IMG]
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    Congradulations and Good Luck
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    [​IMG] CONGRATZ!!!

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