2 blue and 5 splash silkie chicks hatching right now.... fan???

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13 Years
Sep 4, 2008
Central Florida
I hve some chicks that are haching right now....... 2 have only made a small hole in the hell but havnt done much else in the past 2 hours or so. should i cut the fan off in the incubator or shoul i leave it running so it circulates the air? and how long does it take them to actually get out of heir shell and what else should i look for?
Step away from the incubator....slowly, step away. Go shopping, go clean the bathroom, go watch soaps. They are just fine. Very often they are a good 24 hours from pip to out. Make sure the humidity is up, do NOT open the top. Let Mother Nature take over, she's pretty good at this hatching stuff.
thanx!!!! Just got the first time jitters i guess.

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