2 blue orpington babies!


12 Years
Sep 4, 2007
My 2 blue orpington eggs just hatched! Not sure if I have blues or blacks yet, but I'm just so happy they made it into the world, this is the last two eggs out of 9, 6 were clear, and one quit on me, so I'm very happy to have these two survivors! I have 5 eggs of another breed (don't remember the name right now, they were sent by mistake), they were put in 1st by about 5 or 6 hours, but the orps beat them. So I have 3 of them pipped, although I'm afraid one may be dead, and another isn't looking to good (I may intervene, if he don't perk up, he hadn't made it through the membrane (?) and was gasping, so I used some tweezers to push the hole through, but he was still gasping, so we'll see). I love hatch days! I think my two favorite days during incubation are hatch day, fallowed by the 1st candling! Which I am excited to do with the dozen more blue orp eggs in my other bator once they've made it a week! Anyway I know I'm rambling, I'm just happy these chicks made it! I'm really hoping the other eggs hatch, but if they don't I will be satisfied w/ the two orp babies!
Three cheers for the new arrivals.
Any photos??
I got the eggs off ebay, I don't have pics yet, but I will get some and share them tomarrow!
Ok, here are a few pics I snapped today, looks like they are both black!

Two of the other eggs have hatched, one looks really good, the other I had to help and is still drying in the incubator, they are Red Dorkings,

The other eggs didn't make it, one pipped and died, one pipped internally and died, and the other didn't do anything. I had alot of temp problems, so I wasn't really holding out alot of hope for these eggs, so I really can't complain!
They popped right out, strong and healthy, one thing about it blue orp eggs may be hard to ship, but the ones that do make are very strong and sturdy! Or atleast they have been for me!

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