2 broody hens in one nest


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Aug 26, 2013
One of my easter egger hens went broody on me. As she sat on her eggs, a white leghorn decided to "help". So for 2 of the 3 weeks, they were either one or the other or both in there. I hear peeping so I know they're hatching. It's really crowded in there, and I know some eggs won't be hatching. My nesting box situation is a steel 6 compartment type, with the wood slats, but it's about 24" off the floor..so since I'm an egg only, this is my first real set of (unexpected) chicks. Do I take them out and put them in a ground level nest? Will the hen accept new ground level home? How will the babies survive without food , will they jump out ??? HELPPPPPP


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Mar 9, 2014
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As long as they can't fall through, become trapped, catch a leg in any part of the nest they are ok there a couple (3 maximum) days.

I would be moving her to a ground level nest that she won't be disturbed in. A large dog airline crate can work as long as you can put food and water in with her and the kids. After a week I would release her and the chicks and monitor to make sure no one is harassing her.

If possible separation within the coop is best so she remains part of the flock.

Best would be fencing off part of the coop so they have more room than a dog crate.

Edited to add: Yes they can jump/fall and no that is not good.

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