2 broody hens


Mar 9, 2016
I have two black austrolopes hens who have gone broody a couple weeks ago. They pulled all their chest feathers and sit in the nest constantly, eggs or no eggs. They refuse to move, if I pick them up and move them, they go right back.
How long will this last? Will they stop by themselves eventually? It doesn't really bother me, in fact when my rooster matures, I may let them raise some chicks. I just worry a bit about their health and if they will stop or act like this constantly now?
Hi. I had hens that stayed broody more than a month on air until I decided to employ the "broody breaker", basically an elevated wire bottom cage. Who knows how long they could have continued sitting. :confused:

If you want chicks right now then you could adopt some very young feed store choicks to her in the middle of the night. I have done this successfuly at least 5 times.

Otherwise, I would break her... as condition does detreriorate from not moving and eating regularly. They loose weight and the muscles get weak from not being used or stretched. :old

If they pluck their chest, I let them have chicks... It's a good excuse for chicken math! ;)
I'd certainly break the broodiness of one of the hens. If you do set eggs / chicks under both hens it would be good to separate the hens.

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