2 Chicken attacks in 1 week


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Jun 11, 2009

I am new at chicken raising and have a serious issue that I am trying to resolve. This week I have two chickens that wer seriously attacked by 1 or more hens. I unfortunatly did not see what happened so I don't know who did it. But I have a hen that started laying last week and I beleive it is her bc I saw her peck at a subbordinate hen. Can it be that since she started laying that she has become more protective of her space and especially of her eggs (even though I remove them rapidly once she has laid)? I am afraid to put any of the chickens back with the other ones (once they have healed of course).

Any ideas on what to do or why this is happening?

I am most definately not an expert but could it be the size of your chicken accommodations?

I've read that if the chickens don't have enough individual space that they might pick and peck more.

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