2 Chickens left. What to do?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by granitechickenh, Oct 23, 2016.

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    Jun 13, 2016
    Thanks to a local bobcat we went from 6 chickens down to 2. I am a little unsure how we want to proceed. We intended to free range so our run is a little undersized. Right now the run and coop are both about 4'x8' and about 8' tall.

    First thing i'm concerned about is will 2 chickens be enough to keep the coop warm enough? I'm not sure how much chicken body heat comes into play for surviving winter.

    Secondly I'm a little concerned socially, Will two hens be enough to keep each other happy and active, I'm worried they'll get bored and/or fight more with just 2 of them.

    I am trying to decide if it would be better to find a good home for the 2 remaining hens and try again in the spring or if i should expand the run and try and keep my 2 remaining chickens happy and warm through their first NH winter.
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    Chickens keep themselves warm. Your coop needs to protect them from the elements, but still have good ventilation. They also should have a protected area to go outside as often as possible, and access to unfrozen water. Your two should be fine if your coop in adequate. Whether to keep them or not depends on what you want.
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    So sorry for your losses.

    Body heat doesn't play into keeping them warm a whole lot. If the coop is well ventilated but not drafty, they should be OK in most climates.

    Two hens do fine together, your only concern is if you lose either of them... one lonely chicken is not a good thing.

    I say beef up your coop/run security, improve the run, and add some chicks in spring.
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    I'd say you need a bigger run in case for when you have another predator event before getting more birds.
    You can still free range, but with a secure run at least you have the option of protecting your birds when necessary.
    Alternate confinement with ranging so they are used to both.

    Agrees with OHLD and QM about warmth and ventilation.

    Knowing your climate and seeing pics of your coop can help us help you with ventilation if you wish.

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