2 Chickens, SW Austin


Dec 23, 2020
Austin Texas
Hi all.

I have a Partridge Cochin and Cuckoo Maran in need of a good home.

Cochin: four years old, still laying, docile, would make a great mother!
Maran: lays medium dark eggs, energetic, friendly

Both are very healthy and no issues. I need to re-home them because I live in a neighborhood that does not allow chickens and it's becoming a problem with new neighbor.

Free to good home and want them to stay together.
Aww I'm so sorry you have to get rid of them. They are seriously cute! I wish I could take them but we are very far apart and my mom would flip if I brought home a chicken that wasn't one of our chosen breeds (she's picky and I'm not). What's their names? Also also can you have a house chicken lol? Sorry I'm talking so much when I am unable to help and I'm sorry for the situation you are in. I hope they find a lovely home together!
My husband and I would love to pick up your two hens! We live over in College Station and would be adding to the two Plymouth Rock hens we have.
Thank you for the offer, I found them a home yesterday with some friends. They will be missed but are going to a better place for them and their needs.

Thanks again,

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