2 Chicks - Hatched today 6/1/11- Local Pick Up only


11 Years
Jan 7, 2009
Southern California
My Coop
Leghorn Hybrid ("Trader Joe's" Chicks)
Straight run.
Local Pick Up only. No Shipping.
$1 each/ $2.00 together

My Broody Bantam Cochin hen hatched these out early this morning, June 1, so they will need a brooder for awhile. They hatched from white Trader Joe's fertile eggs, so they will be similar to our hen Joey* if they are females. *Photos of her can be found doing a search for "trader joes Joey" here at BYC or visiting my blog at Hanbury House
PM if you have any questions.

I should also have bantam cochin chicks available tomorrow. $4.00 each.

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