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    Oct 11, 2012
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    I ordered 7 chicks from MPC that arrived yesterday. So far two have died. One girl died last night??? I live in central VA and while I know this is not the greatest time of year to order chicks I would like to replenish my losses. My problem is that through MPC my zip ode requires a 7 chick minimum order. Does anyone know where I could safely order say 3 chicks this time of year? Anyone in VA have some chicks? Thanks for any information provided
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    Would MPC not replace the 2 you lost? Try the Buy~Sell~Trade section here (bottom of the contents list) and also the Where am I? Where are you! section for people near you. There is probably some hachaholics near you that'll have chicks this time of the year!
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    I know MPC will refund for any chicks that die and are reported in the first 48 hours and will refund for cockrels reported between 10 and 18 weeks on a pullet only order. They have always been very polite and accommadating.
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