2 coops, one flock?

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    Yo flockstars! So quick background: Had 4 hens, and about 16 weeks later got 5 more (9 is a good number) ... they didn't get along for several weeks and my cortisol levels might have been off the charts... one of the 'hens' turned out to be a silkie rooster and so found him another flock to 'tend' to (and crow at)... another had coccidolliosis or however you spell that and the little bugger went to sleep beneath my olive tree... Now I have 7 healthy hens all laying and getting along as they should... But I'm getting 3 more in the spring and don't want to stroke out so was thinking that if I made a separate area, enclosed run with a coop inside of it, and kept the new girls in that area where everyone was able to see and hear each other but not freak out... would that work or would I be screwing with the whole natural way of things? My plan would be to transition the new girls into the existing flock once they were full grown and able to hold their own during the 'debates' that occur on a daily. The existing run, coop, and free range space they all have is plenty big for all of them but I want to smooth out the addition of the 3 new ones in spring who will only be 8 weeks old when I get them... So I figure their own space to be quarantined, separate, etc to get acclimated to the space and other girls would be good. Thanks for any input.
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    Integrating new birds into an established flock is best done slowly and gradually. Letting the two groups live side-by-side, but not able to touch for several weeks really does help things go more smoothly. Chickens need time to adjust to the idea of new flock members. When you do allow the two groups to mingle, having lots and lots of space and multiple food and water stations is important.
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    so 2 coops is ok for the first few months of their segregation/integration period? they won't be confused about the 2 coops once I open the two areas up to all of them? should I get rid of the second coop once they've all shown they're getting along together and are all healthy?
  4. junebuggena

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    Yes, you will need to keep them from going back to roost in the second coop, once they are getting along well.
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    You can do it either way as long as you don't mind them playing musical coops, but it is much easier if you only have to maintain one coop.
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    I have a 200 foot run with 2 coops and 25 birds all in the same run
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    I too maintain 2 separate flocks in separate coops but they range in the same area, ones bantam and the other large breeds and extra bantam roosters. I like that my bantam have their own coop.
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    I have a grow out pen with five younger pullets, from 2-5 months. I kept them together to form a little group, once they bonded together I started letting them free range with the main flock. The didn't go far from their pen at first, over the last 2 weeks they've grown more comfortable and now mingle freely with the big girls during the day. They still return to their separate pen at night. Tonight I'm moving them all to the main coop to roost as I'm going to need their pen for a breeding pen. I don't anticipate any issues as they've been together during the day for a few weeks.
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    Awesome info everybody thank you. "donrae" it sounds like your doing what i'm thinking of doing (minus the breeding part). let me know how it goes. I plan on doing the same thing and then once I eventually move them to the main coop I will dismantle the 'grow-out' one until I need it again. thanks again.
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    Oct 10, 2015
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    I have been considering adding another coop myself. I added 9 pullets & have 6 more chicks coming in a couple weeks. I have 7 laying hens that are comfy in their large converted dog house. Oh & we have 3 ducklings in a brooder. Yes- chicken math. I know 2 coops & 1 flock equals more work but I don't see any feasible way to add on to my current coop- besides its cute how it is. I have a friend w a large dog house that I could have and just have 2 coops. Will my chickens separate themselves at night or will they all end up in 1 coop (once they've been integrated)? They're in separate runs right now w the 'littles' staying in a large locking dog crate at night. [​IMG]
    This is my current setup. Not afraid of DIY but not sure how I would expand that roofline!
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