2 day old chick with umbilical bleed

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Feb 22, 2018
I have a little Cochin that hatched on Saturday at about 3 am with a fairly significant umbilical bleed. It seems like she was able to absorb all her yolk but was bleeding pretty badly when she hatched. I treated her wound with iodine and cornstarch and left her alone in the brooder to recover for about 8 hours. She spent most of that time lying on her back barely moving and screaming very loudly, but by the end she perked up quite a bit and I put her in the brooder with everyone else. She seems fine today, a lot more active, isn't bleeding and no one seems to be picking on her, but she is still screaming very loudly whenever there's a commotion by the others, if left alone, or if (very gently) picked up. She also seems rather hoarse. She hasn't shown interest in food so far, but has drank water on her own, after which she did a massive poop. Is she in pain or still otherwise affected by her bleed, and if so, is there anything I can do to help her?

Apologies if I'm asking very obvious questions, I'm very new at this and these are my first chickens.
Sounds like she is just stressed - maybe adding electrolytes or sugar to her water could help.

Since she is more active and is pooping, sounds like she'll be ok - cuts/abrasions can be painful but hopefully she will heal quickly. IMO try offering her some boiled egg or wetted feed if she fails to eat on her own.

Mine have never liked being alone or handled even in great health.

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