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I was given 5 Lavender Old English Bantams Eggs on Saturday September 27. The guy took them out of a cage with one rooster and 5 hens and told me they were layed that day. He said That it was too late for him to bother with them. I borrowed a bator and put the eggs in on Wednesday Septermer 29th. Today i get home from work to the sound of cherping and dime sized hole in one of the eggs and a little beak poking out!? I did not expect any thing to start to happen until wednesday Oct 20th. Is this chick early?

this is what it looks like, So much fun. Should i chirp back to it?
He assured me that there were all alyed the same day he gave them to me. I left them at room temp from saturday to Wednesday. So the the exposed membran and down are drying - does that mean my humidity is too low? he is at about hour 14 since the first crack is that too long?
I don't use an incubator so I don't know much about them... but I do know that a pipping baby shouldn't dry out. Sometimes it can take up to 24 hours from beginning to end... but more moisture would probably help... a damp paper towel over the pipped egg? Maybe someone else on here who has incubator experience will answer your question with more assurance. Good luck.
If the membranes dry out, your chick will be "shrink wrapped," not good at all. Dip a finger in water and wipe it over dry membrane. You need higher humidity in your bator and keep the top closed. Do you have instructions on how to use the bator? Get in touch with the man who gave you the eggs and ask for help asap. Don't wait hours for someone to see this question and reply.

It would get more attention tho, if you reworded the topic to " HELP 2 days early - membrane drying out "
Added very warm wet paper towls to the bator, damped his membrain with a wet finger and he popped out with in an hour. had pooped inside the egg. is that normal or a shign of stress.
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So today two are out and hopping about one more of the 5 are rocking. So we might get one more!
Lavender Old English Bantams. Odd looking color for chicks.
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