2 Different Questions... 2 many eggs? & broody hen?

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    Sorry I didnt want to clog up the board with my posts so I thought I would ask two in one.

    1) My 6 chickens just started laying eggs..maybe 2 weeks ago and I was told normally for the first month or so they will lay every other day. Well I got four eggs yesterday and so I thought I would only get 1 or 2 eggs today. Well when I went out there there were three eggs and one on the way(lol). I have 4 brown layers and 2 green layers. Well yesterday there were 3 brown and one green and then today when I went out there there were two brown and a green. And the one that was laying an egg is a brown layer. Is this normal? [​IMG]

    2) When can a chicken go broody? I mean like at what age? How young is too young? I went out to gather my eggs and I noticed one of my RIR were sitting on the nest. Well I started cleaning off the roost and thought..well Ill just give her a little pet and let her know I love her. ( [​IMG] ) Well when I pet her she lifted up a little and I saw there were eggs under her. I thought when I would grab them she would run squawking out the door but she didnt. She just kinda sat there. She didnt try pecking me or anything either. I didnt want to distrub her too much so I just left her alone. Shes just over a little over 5 months old. Is this too young to go broody?
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    Sounds to me like your ladies are working well. Every pullet or hen is different, so anything can be "normal".
    I have always kept an egg journal and this is what I have for a few of our pullets when they first started laying:
    Our GLW laid for 3 days straight and then took 2 days off.
    The Rhode Island Red laid every other day.
    Our Partridge Rock laid every 2 days.
    Our Lakenvelder started at one egg a week and then moved to 2 days of laying, 2 days off.
    Our Jersey Black Giant laid 2 days, took a day off and then laid for 3 straight.
    The White Face Black Spanish, Delaware and Buff Orpington all laid eggs every other day.

    Our earliest broody was at 6 months of age - our Jersey Black Giant; she has gone broody every 6 months since. Our Rhode Island Red has never gone broody. Believe me, you will know if your pullet or hen is broody. Just sitting on the nest isn't enough of a factor.

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