2 Dozen (24) phoenix/ American Longtail Hatching Eggs **********SPECIAL PRICE***********

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    Oct 17, 2010
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    We currently have two dozen longtail hatching eggs for sale. These are nonmolting, onagadori type birds which have been breed by us for over 20 yrs. They are from proven nonmolting lines and are tested for feather growth. We cull very strictly to insure you get the best birds possible. These are amazing birds and very pheasant like in type. They are excellent mothers, good layers, and of course very beautiful.. If you are interested in working with these birds, this is a great opportunity. We will have two dozen eggs available for sale Early next week.. Will also consider trading for yokohamas , Sumatras, or Malays.. Thanks.

    We pack very well and have good hatch rates. Even our hens have beautiful cockerel feathering and look like roosters.. These are all fertile and we do check for fertility. If you are looking for an excellent show bird or all around pet.. These birds are very docile and will meet your needs..

    Thanks again for your interest in our birds and please take the time to look at all our photos. Shipping is $20 on the two dozen eggs. Thanks.
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