2 ducks sitting on the same nest


7 Years
Feb 16, 2012
Marlborough, CT
One of my ducks started setting 3 days ago and has been a very good broody - barely ever getting off her nest and trying to protect it when someone got too near for her comfort. I just went out to put the ducks in, and found that my other duck was sitting with her on the nest! I've read that they do that sometimes, but I didn't think they sat at the same time....Will the heat of both of their bodies be too much for the eggs? Here are a few pictures: (The darker one was the one that was originally sitting. She's a Rouen/Khaki mix, while the light colored one is a khaki.)

As you can see from the picture below, Ana, the dark one that was the first to sit on the nest, is more protective than the khaki...Any ideas if that means that Seazle, the khaki, isn't as devoted to the eggs? Or could it be that Seazle is just more used to me since I've had her for 2 years, while I've only had Ana since September?

I've read that two setters on the same nest sometimes fight over the resulting babies, often resulting in the ducklings dying as they fight....Is this true? Also, I've read that Khakis tend to kill off their babies anyways....Is that true? If these are true, should I take the ducklings out as they hatch?


7 Years
May 17, 2012
Great pics. I don't have an answer to the fighting/killing question but the guy I got my muscovy ducklings from said his ducks did the same thing two shared a nest and they hatched 45 ducklings!! And all the ducklings were there when I bought my 12 running around with the both the ducks

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