2 EE cockerals 20 weeks old need new home Sweet boys Pets only

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    NO SHIPPING - I am asking a 5.00 re-homing fee for these two little guys. They are pets and good boys but we are moving across country in 60 days and I cannot take them with me. they have been raised by my 13 yo DD and I, so they are easy to handle.

    Draco is pictured above. His sire is a EE and his Mom is a Standard Splash Cochin. Draco should produce some offspring that are blue and/or feather legged and footed. He himself is blue with soft white markings, clean legged and bearded. Draco is low man on the totem pole of my 4 little boys...he will nip a hand every now and again if he is startled. However, he has never bitten or attacked.

    these are more pics of Draco

    At 13 weeks old

    at 18 weeks old

    The other little guy is Sirius...I am unsure who is mother is but I am leaning towards my SLW...Sirius is higher on the totem pole than Draco so he would be the Aplha of the two...he is a sweet boy.

    This is Sirius



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