2 egg questions re: hatching and collecting

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    Aug 2, 2008
    Hello. I hope someone can help.

    I am going to incubate again starting this weekend, need my baby fix.

    So, I have eggs coming: Silkies, RIR, and some BO's.

    For the first time <HUGE GRINS> I am putting my own BO eggs in there too!!!

    So, two questions:
    When I collect the eggs from my hens, how do I store them properly so they incubate well? I am talking temperature and humidity, etc...BEFORE they go in the incubator... Can they sit in room temperature and be okay? For how long?

    Then, in t he incubator. I have a LG 9200 with a turner. It's still air. So, is there a "best method" to filling it when there are eggs of different size? i.e. Should Silkies go in the middle where it is warmest, or should they be on the outside- cuz they are smaller??

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    Store your collected eggs in an egg carton, air cell up. As for room temperature, well that probably depends how warm your room is. I keep mine in the basement which is usually about 65 degrees.

    Put the eggs in the bator in whatever order you want [​IMG]

    Good luck!! It's great when you hatch your very own babies!

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