2 eggs a day from the same hen???

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    I have 2 RIRs, 1 Barred Rock, and a black cochin bantam (and a buff cochin bantam roo, though not relevant for this question) and am finding 2 eggs daily in the coop. Is it possible that my bantam is laying 2 eggs/day? I'm suspecting not, especially because one of the eggs always looks (if just a tiny bit) smaller than the other, but wanted to check with the experts. [​IMG]

    These chickens were all free range, and (i THINK) had all begun to lay, but now that i've put them in a coop and enclosed run, it seems that only 2 (or 1, as it were; i'm not experienced enough to tell) are still laying. The coop is well over 16 square feet--i understand that 4sq' per bird is supposed to be the minimum in-coop--and their run was extended yesterday to about 200 square feet. Still, they seem kind of p.o.'d that i've jailed them and separated them from their feral friends [​IMG] I have them on layer crumbles and they get kitchen scraps....any advice appreciated.

    p.s., it's in the 70's here, so cold is not a factor.

    p.p.s., sometimes the rooster escapes, and i've noticed the egg production will drop (to 1 egg/day) when he's not around. does the presence of the roo have any effect on egglaying?
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    It is certainly possible (tho rare) for a hen to lay two, or even more rarely three, eggs in a single 24 hr period.

    That's *a* single 24 hr period, though, not on a regular basis.

    If it's happening regularly, I will bet dollars to donuts (whatever the heck that actually means [​IMG]) that the other egg is from another hen.

    Have fun,

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