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I have a Brown Leghorn named Froggette. She has been laying 2 eggs a day frequently. One in the mid morning and the other when everyone go's into the coop at night... No way to be mistaken either as she is my only white egg layer!


Thanks, I got her last April/May!

She shows no signs of being tired.. haha

she is at the bottom of the pecking order until I introduce the other 5 that are still in day care.

she is my only chicken that runs away from you and does not like to be picked up if you can even catch her. She is so skittish.

She is my reptile hunter. Seen her catch 3 snakes and a bunch of frogs/lizards and then all the other chickens wear themselves out running around trying to catch her and steal her catch.
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I had a Dainish Brown Leghorn Hen named "Widow Brown" that laid two a day. She also liked to hide them in the hayloft. She did it for about 6 months then went to one a day for a few until the evil chicken hawk picked her off....
I have 6 barred rock bantams and 1 OEGB almost 5 months old. They have been working at laying eggs since feb.1st. The last 4 days 6 eggs. They all look the same. I assume the 6 BRB were laying and the OEGB had'nt started yet even though I have heard her jump down from the nest box as I walk in the hen house. I thought the OEGB egg would be lighter?, smaller?, something. Today I had 7 eggs. Did one lay 2 eggs? will the OEGB egg look different? Inquiring minds want to know.

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