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    Mar 30, 2011
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    I have a flock of 25 EE (3 roos in my batch) in one half of my large chicken coop and a group of 19 mixed breed/bantum mix with full size Brahma and production reds. The Light Brahma cockerals are a little big for their britches, and are trying to mate my bantums, and it is hard on them. No one is looking feather picked or anything.

    My proposal is that I pull a big switcharoo on everyone, boys stay on one side, girls on the other. There will be 3 light brahma roos (18 weeks), 3 bantum roos (18 weeks), 3 EE roos (14 weeks), one red cockeral production red(he is a gentleman, may be the only one I leave with the girls).

    Do you think this would work? Am planning on processing the Brahmas and EE roos 1st or 2nd week of September (I found a lady who I will pay to do it, and I will help, thus learning to do it myself -- I am excited, although when I started this I didn't want to do that. I feel like we have given them good life, we eat meat, and therefore, why not our own). I feel like I want to be a part of the cycle. Also, may become a vegetarian after this, who knows?

    Do you think the plan of separation would work? Any experiences similar to this out there?

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