2 fox's attacked.... at 3:30 in the afternoon


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So yesterday my brother called when i ran out to the store said we had a fox in the yard by the time i got home we had 8 dead and the fox took my cat!

my next door neighbors sue and jim are about the best people in the entire world and they know we have had problems with foxs before and yesterday they went on there back porch and looked over the fence and they saw a fox sitting in the middle of our backyard staring at our coop...

sue ran inside grabbed her phone was calling our house and running over with a 2x4 wood bar and was at our house in less then a minute and started chasing the fox and actually hit it 2 times and then she chased it into the woods then quickly started getting all of the chickens inside ( 14 adults and 25 babys ).

we had lost 8 chickens we now have 11 adults and and 20 babys(8 weeks old, and they free ranged with one of our hens an tasty an EE got about 15 of the babys in the coop and then the fox grabbed tasty .. she was basically the mom of the chicks.)

sue called and my brother's phone and he was outside cause out neighbor across the street (mike ) saw a fox with one of our chicks in his mouth on his drive way so he called the house phone my brother went outside while my other neighbor was running to our yard. when my brother got down to the street the fox that was on mikes drive way was running down the road with one of our cats in his mouth so he starts chasing it then sue called again and so my brother stops chasing the fox with the cat and runs into our yard to help sue..

they called animal control when i got home they pulled in maybe a minute or two after me and they wouldn't do anything! they looked for the fox couldn't find it and they said even if they did they wouldn't shoot it unless it was rabid....

just a question arnt foxs not saposed to come in packs?

in april we lost 18 chickens to i think the same 2 fox's that attacked yesterday they only took 4 chickens then and yesterday they took 4 aswell... plus our cat
can we kill these things please!

they were telling us not to kill them because they where here first and blah de blah blah but in our state we are allowed to if they are killing our livestock and animals we have permission to kill.. but one thing that gets us stumped is why in the world where they here at 3:30 in the afternoon? unless they where both rabid...

we have alot of wildlife where i live because our neighbor hood backs up to a 856 acre nature preserve..... we have just about every wildlife you can think of... we have black bears ( they came into our yard didnt touch the coop but went for the bird feeder about 50 feet away.... i thought it was funny ) we have coyotes alot of them... we have way to many foxs and eagles... never have had rats we have field mice and snakes... but they dont do much..

what is the best way to catch a fox?

we have a save a heart trap.. with one of the dead chicks in it.. i went to check it this morning i heard a snap and by the time i got out there there was no animal in the trap, it was closed but the chick was still in there and the trap is hidden under hay and leaves and stuff...
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OMG the fox took your cat?? that is rare. So sorry for your loss, i personally would kill the fox, relocating it would only make it become someone elses problem and they could also loose chickens/cats. There are lots of traps you could buy and shooting it would be the best option. Sorry i can't be more of a help, we haven't had a problem with foxes so far although we know there close by. Also foxes often hunt allown

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That is a total bummer. I would have thought a cat could get away. Wow.

What the animal control fellow said reminds me of a girl that worked for the __--_- I don't remember. But it was the group that has to protect everything from spotted lizards to stipped frogs. We were working on top of Stone Mountian in Georgia building a new trolly car building just before the Olympics. I was a foreman on the job and we were walking across the top looking for protected animals, when all of a sudden this girl start screaming and fell to the ground spread out like she was protecting a new born. She was hollering "watch you step, don't walk here, watch it, watch it". Turns out there was a tiny puddle of water in a crevese of a rock that held just a tad of water. When the sun came up it would have been dry. But she said there were microscopic crab in that puddle and we might step on those critters and kill um. I told here she had better be getten some heart medicine cause we would probably be killing more that that before we were done. We were doing the iron work on the new building on top. Well, the one on the bottom also. Some of these folks never cease to amaze me.

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