2 Free Easter Egger/Barred Rock roosters

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    These guys are either half or full brothers dad was a BR and mom an EE (I had 3 EE hens at the time), so they most likely will have gorgeous colored chicks . They where raised by broody hens and free-ranged since about 3 days old. I currently have 3 roosters with minimal fighting, so both would be fine with other roosters. Both have beards but my hens have pulled them off of all my roosters (they must not like men with beards [​IMG] ), but they will grow back. I'm willing to drive with in a reasonable distance to meet up or drop off either or both of the boys.

    Rooster #1
    He is the larger of the two and has a more strait comb and is higher in the pecking order here then the other one.

    Rooster #2
    Smaller with a floppier comb.

    Please see this thread for pictures: https://www.backyardchickens.com/t/...rock-roosters-pick-up-only-nw-pa#post_8168163

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