2 hatched... but what about the others?

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  1. my broody is sitting on 3 eggs, 3 hatched yesterday, 2 lived. I went to the store to get chick starter, and came back, and she was sitting on the 2 chicks OFF the nest... I don't know if the eggs got cold, but I popped the chicks back into the nest, and she went too... but I don't see any pips or anything. Is there any easy way to tell if those 3 are going to hatch? If not, its 2 out of 12... not a great hatch rate...
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    Personally, I would take those chicks away for a day or two and let her sit on those other eggs just to see if any more hatch. If you leave them with her, as you have seen, she will abandon those eggs. It's worth a shot if you have the ability to house the chicks somewhere (for a couple of days).
  3. I tried taking the chicks away, but she wouldn't sit on the eggs... so I took the eggs and put them under our other broody. I don't think they're alive now though.... I've got 3 broodies right now. One sitting on 2 babies, and one sitting on the 3 dud eggs (I know one is dead... pipped, but nothing....) due yesterday, and 8 live eggs due next week, and my last broody is setting on a half/pint jar. I don't think it'll hatch.

    anyway, the 2 babies are super cute. I'm going to call the farmer right now and ask what he thinks the gray one could be.
  4. he said it's a white cochin, and that some baby white cochins are gray... anyone?

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