2 hatched chicks 1 no movement ?? anything I can do


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5 Years
Aug 31, 2014
OK so this is my first hatch EVER!! and it has been killing me! this is day 21 and there was a pip this morning and it took all day for this little bugger to get here! Finally hatched @ about 8:30. #2 pipped at about 3PM and was just hatched @ about 9:30, so now I am worried about #3 that has not moved. I don't know if I should have done this but I took it out and tried to look for movement by candling I tried to be careful not to move it in any way as to change the position of the air sac? I see a chick in there and I am trying to find some but dont see any movement at all Aghhhhhh! hopefully I didn't kill it! any thing I can do and am I just being crazy, I know they come at there own pace but I figured there should be super visible movement if its hatch day??? Any thoughts?


10 Years
Nov 20, 2009
hang in there, someone that knows more will show up, im going through the same wait now, mine started on day 19, its day 22 an 5 more to go.

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