2 hens and a banti cochin roo? Pictures!


8 Years
May 4, 2011
Watson, LA
They are about 3 weeks old I think. The fluffy one is a blue bantam cochin, I think. I am pretty sure the brown one is english game bantam hen, and the black one possibly black sex-link bantam, and therefore a hen too? The cochin is starting to develop some red in his wattle/comb which is why I think he is a roo. Anyone know any answers to these questions?


Yeah, they do.

Sex-links aren't generally bred as bantams since they are used mostly for large egg production. It would be against the point to have a sex-linked bantam breed. The blue one looks like a Cochin, the smaller does look like an OEGB. The black one could be a number of breeds.
What are the differing characteristics of cochins and brahmas? And that black bantam has a very hen temperment.

Cochins are more loosely feathered (think fluffy) and are more basketball shaped, have single combs, and more foot feathering than Brahmas. Brahmas are taller with not as loose feathering and a peacomb. If that one is a Brahma, it could be a Light Brahma.

Brahma - http://feathersite.com/Poultry/CGA/Brahma/BRKBrChix.html


- http://feathersite.com/Poultry/CGA/Cochins/BRKCochinStd.html

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