2 hens brooding on a nest!

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    Jul 29, 2011
    I could really use some advice here. I have 2 hens that on Feb 23 started brooding together. On Feb 27 a 3rd hen joined in the nest box. The 3 of them are still on the nest. I have seen Raven get off only 2 days ago for food and water, and Goldie got off only yesterday for food and water. I went into the coop later on and they were all on the next.

    When do I start counting my day for hatching out. Can 3 hens in one box hatch out chicks and all 3 mother them together. I have never done this before and am worried.

    Also I live in Northern Alberta, Canada and don't heat my coop, except in very extreme cold spells, When can I remove the chick from their mothers? I have a spare homemade cage in our heated shop I can place the chicks.

    I don't have the space yet to go fully into raising chicks, plan on expanding this spring.[​IMG]
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    We had two chickens who co-parent but they didn't really hatch the eggs together, but it does happen.

    It looks like the box is above the ground, so you will want to move them, because otherwise the chicks could fall out when they hatch, and you don't want to move them too close to the hatch date, because they really freak out. Trust me. Having the mom(s) raise the chicks is so much easier than raising them ourselves. Please remember cold weather, water, metal and baby chicks don't mix. We learned the hard way.

    You start counting from the first day of the first egg. Our chicks always seem to start hatching on day 20. By the end of day 21, the mom is ready to leave the nest with her babies, so be ready for this. With 3 moms, this may be different.

    Best of luck!

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