2 hens competing for the same nest........

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    I have a mixed flock of about 25 hens. An easter egger went broody 7 days ago, in the meantime she went off her nest to eat, drink, and be merry and one of my jersey giants took her nest over. Now the easter egger sits on the roost next to the (her former) nest box and glares at the JG. No one is budging. Do I move the JG? Leave it alone they resolve it? Split the eggs? Any suggestions???? Thank you!!!
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    That's the problem when you have multiple broodies. The more dominant hen will control the nest. You could break one, but I might let it continue to see what happens. I wouldn't split the eggs. If the JG isn't a good mom you might have a backup hen in the EE. I find it's best to manage one broody hatching at a time or it can turn into chaos, well more chaotic than it normally is to have a broody.
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    How long has the jg been on the nest? She may just be exerting dominance and not serious about being on the nest for the long haul. Is she exhibiting all the signs of a broody?

    Can you move the ee to a separate enclosure with some fake eggs to see if her hormones are still in broody mode? If she is I would take the eggs from the interloper at night and give them to the ee.

    If niether hen will stay on the nest, do you have an incubator to finish the job for them? If so, I would get it up and running before you move the eggs. Just in case. Better safe than sorry.

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