2 hens eating other chickens fresh laid eggs....grrh


11 Years
Feb 13, 2008
Vermont, USA
A lady gave me 2 of her hens that will be a year of this spring/summer. They killed one of my silkie roosters and now are eating the silkie eggs about the minute they are laid. I caught them red-handed just now. I'm livid and haven't gotten any eggs for the last few days,, wonder if this is why. Can anything be done about this?
I remember readong somewhere (Storeys?) that once they start eating eggs, it's VERY difficult to make them stop. Can you seperate than? That may be all you can do other than culling..

alright, on my way to the store to buy hatchet, get up nerve to do this and be done with it. The lady that gave them to me had no rooster, they killed one of her chickens she tells me AFTER i get them home. She orgionally told me she had to many eggs and needed to thin her flock. Some chickens are just mean like this? I know with no rooster in the pack, somebody steps up to the plate but this is rediculous...
thanks for your input and i will do this.
once -I hare to admit it- but I forgot to get oyster shell for about a month- and I had a hen remind me by starting to eat eggs.I need to put that on my list for my next feed store trip- I now mix it in their feed.I have tried putting it a little seperate dish,but it seems like they just cover them up with shavings or dump them or try to roost there and poop all in the cups.So I just add a scoop in the feed.

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