2 Hens just not getting along now

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6 Years
Sep 19, 2013
Hi all,

I live in the city and have 2 RIR's that grew up together. Just recently one started to peck/pinch the other. No blood is being drawn, and I know some said if no blood let them work it out, but I am concerned because it makes the one out of the two getting picked on very frantic. She is even afraid to be near the other. They have ample space, food, water, and nest boxes in the coop. Any insight to what is going on would be helpful..... I have scanned google for answers but most answers are for 3 or more chickens. I am concerned for their mental health.
Look on the first thread you started for this problem, we have a few questions for you to answer to see if this is normal or a problem.
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