2 hens with feather loss & 1 with wound help!!!!!

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    Feb 28, 2012
    Hi I have 2 chickens in my flock with feather problems. One is a 2 year old Rhode Island Red & first the other hens where picking on her but now the feathers aren't growing back & the skin looks red & kind of chapped. The second one is a older Barredrock & the other day I realized that she has a wound that looks a little infected & around the wound there are no feathers, it looks like someone pulled them out but she does not get picked on at all. Both hens have this happening around their lower back & the Red has this on her tail so she has no tail feathers at all. I put this ointment on them called Dermachlor Antiseptic Ointment that we got for a different chicken a few years ago but I just wanted to know what might have caused this & what else I can do to fix it. Any help is helpful! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Once a bare spot shows it is not unusual for the other chickens to keep pecking at it. The redness tempts them to peck. That is why a lot of folks on BYC recommend Blu Kote - a blue tinted antiseptic that covers the redness. It is sold in a lot of farm stores.

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