2 hours of freedom!

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    Thanks to the hawk and coyote that attacked my flock 2 weeks ago, the girls have been locked up. They have not been happy and have been very vocal in their unhappiness! Today was the first day that the whole family was home and it was nice and sunny today! Yeah!!!!! First we let the two injured birds out while we cleaned the M.A.S.H. tent. They had a ball! but definetely stayed close to the tent and the humans! The rest of the flock had to wait about an hour before we let them out, and they did not come out with any confidence, they were definetly still spooked. I now know who the leader of the flock is! Gertrude, surprise,surprise! lol When she finally came out of the run she went straight over to the M.A.S.H. tent and checked on the patients. Then she promptly went to the trampoline and jumped up on it. From that vantage point she can see the whole backyard, the rest of the girls kept hiding underneath it and would quickly runout from the trampoline to another point in the yard. When Gertrude heard the hawk she cried out and everybody came running back to the trampoline! It was kind of amazing to watch! I still don't trust leaving them out to free range, and the whole flock is still a little skittish about being out in the yard. We let them free range for about 2 hours while we did some yardwork and treelimb cleanup , and they enjoyed being out in the sun, but it didn't take much to lure them back to the coop!
    No sign off the coyote.......still carrying a gun in the backyard!
    Gertrude checking on the patients!
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    Happy chickens! :)

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