2 killed in the middle of the afternoon...


5 Years
Sep 2, 2014
I have had 2 pullets killed in the same exact spot in our woods.
A Wyandotte and a Black Cochin, each the same size.

Both killed at around the same time about a month apart. Yesterday the 2nd pullet disappeared and we went on a search for her. We walked to the place where our first pullet disappeared. A few feet in the woods was a little patch of black feathers. We followed a trail 75 feet into the woods and found a bunch of dens and feathers. Then we found a huge pile of black feathers and our pullet's feet and wings. There were no animals in sight. Could this be a fox?
I would say fox or coyote. They ate it all except the wings an feet? That sounds like some sort dog/fox/coyote. Someone needs to make a guide about what different critter kills look like.
I would suggest a game camera - great way to determine what predator(s) you are up against so that you can tailor your flock-keeping, containment, etc. accordingly.
Figure out how the predator is getting your birds, then fix that hole.

Otherwise you're just going to keep losing birds. Hunting down the particular predator will just give you a pause until a new one moves in.
Very sorry for your losses. I agree about the game camera. They are invaluable when trying to determine what you are up against. Let us know if you figure out what lives in the dens.
I was thinking about the camera too. We are almost 100% positive it is a Bobcat. It dragged away our lead male Guinea Fowl this morning...

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