2 layers or 1?


8 Years
Feb 14, 2011
Oceanside, CA
I have a 20 week old EE (Blondie) that I know is laying. She started on Aug. 21st. We saw her act strange and then spend a great deal of time in the nesting box just before we found our first egg. Since then we had an egg every day for 6 days, no egg on the 7th day (perhaps my chickens are very religious?) and now an egg on the 8th and 9th day (today).

If we're getting an egg nearly every day, can it just be from only one hen that just started laying? I am watching all of my girls for signs that someone else is contributing, but I don't see anyone else spending quality time in the nesting boxes, just Blondie. The eggs look similar to each other color-wise, but the size is a bit variable. I am perplexed and looking for some wisdom from the BYC community.

Bottom line, which is stranger: a new layer laying almost every day or not catching my second layer in the act for a whole week?
It's probably just the one so far if you haven't caught another. When my cochin started laying, she laid 13 eggs in 15 days (and then went broody). So yes, a new layer can be prolific. My EE is also a new layer and is laying about 6 days in a row, then takes a day or 2 off before laying another 6 days in a row. And her egg size has been variable as well, with some little ones, some average ones, and a few double yolkers in there just for good measure!

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