2 Missing Ducks (Possible Nests?)


Yoga...The Chicken Pose
11 Years
Aug 4, 2008
Fuquay Varina, NC
I have no seen my muscovy or Pekin duck other then 1 or 2 times in over 2 weeks. My drake sits on the shore and does nothing all day until feeding time. Then I usually only see him come eat. Yesterday was the first time I've seem my muscovy in days. I am convinced they made nests on the other side of the pond and are setting eggs. I want to try to find them... any suggestions on what to look for to try to find them? I hate going through other people's yards, but I need to know.

Also, bad Idea to try to move the nests and the ducks into duck houses?

I guess I really should just wait until they come waddling home followed by little fuzzy ducklings!?


9 Years
Feb 7, 2010
South East Kansas
This spring i had 3 hens go missing and i waited until they went out to feed and stayed out of eyesight and watched where they went to. To keep predators away it would be best to move it, but i moved one of my hens because she was very vulnerable and she acted like she had nothing to do with the nest afterwards. So if you can try and add some protection to the nest without disturbing it like putting the nest into a nest box of some sort but keep it where she started the original nest it would probably be better.

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