2 mommas 6 chicks 1egg ,what to do?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by snowflake, Jul 21, 2010.

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    [​IMG] question #1 I have 2 hens in a tractor, night before last,I checked to see how they were doing and heard peeps, sure enough 6 out of 7 hatched. no one is interested in setting on the last egg, should I toss it or leave it and see if it will hatch? it is 94 out so it isn't cold. I can't hear any thing so I don't know if it is still alive, if it ever was. hen #1 went broody so I marked the 7 the first day, hen # 2 went broody so I put 2 eggs under her. Question # , will they both mother the baby's, should I separate them and give them each 3? one hen seems to be trying to keep the chicks from the other although they aren't going at each other. I have the last egg in my pocket, thought I felt a thump but not sure, maybe I will put it back under a hen tonight. newly hatched doing well.
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    I would candle the egg and see whats in it. If there is somthing in it either put the egg in an incubator and hatch it yourself, put it under

    another broody hen (if u have one) , or put the mom and the other chicks in a smaller pen and put the egg in with all of them. The hen

    still may not set on it then, but i guess its worth the try. cause we had to do that before and our hen did decide to set on the other

    eggs. Thats the only thing i could think of to do for the egg [​IMG] good luck ! [​IMG]

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