2 month keets walking with wings spread out

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  1. CarlisleCluck

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    Keets are walking with their wings spread out as if to help with balance. This has been happening for 3 days. They take a few steps with their wings outstretched and then sit down. Their legs and feet appear fine (straight), their heads are fine (not turning backwards) and they don't walk backwards. Any ideas?
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    How old are they? They are probably trying to balance, and I am no keet expert. Maybe they are recovering from some sort if illness? I had no idea what a keet is until I just searched on the internet!
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  4. CarlisleCluck

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    They are roughly 2 months old. They have not been ill - I sold them as week old keets and the person who has them has contacted me, so I am going by the info she gave me. She says it is like they don't have balance so they hold out their wings, but then can take only a few steps before sitting down. I will post the question on the guinea forum - thank you!

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