2 month old Easter egger. Do I have a rooster?


5 Years
May 16, 2017
This is the bird in question. Only one of my four EEs that has a comb like that and that color.
Cockerel. Too developed in the comb to be a pullet at 8 weeks plus there's the darker red patch on the wing.
Thanks. I have a new home lined up for him but I'm going to hang on to him for a little while longer.
100% male. The solid red in the wingbows tells you that as much as the comb. And I do believe I see pointy saddle feathers coming in now, too. Are you sure this kid is only 8 weeks old? Seems a tad older to me, but in any case, yup, boy! Usually, you don't see pointy saddle feathers already in at 8 weeks old, more like 12 weeks old, or that's the way it was on all of my Ameraucana males.
Thanks. Definitely a rooster he started crowing in the morning. He's about 11 weeks old now we brought him and his sisters home on March 6th as couple day old chicks. We decided to hang on to him as well.

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