2 newbie chick questions...

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  1. I am feeding my 2-7wk old chicks Blue Seal Starter/grower. I read the ingredients, and I don't know what I am reading, lol. Is there grit in the feed or do I need to give them some? I have started giving them a hard boiled egg mashed up e/o day or so, and am going to start with some plain yogurt as well. Just wondering when to start the grit.

    Also, it is already darn cold here, and I am worried about when to put my chicks out in the coop. The oldest ones are 7 weeks and the youngest is shy of 3 and I'd like to put them out together but it will be late Dec before they are old enough, no? It will be pretty cold by then and I am worried about them being too cold! I have no way to heat their coop...any suggestions?

    Thanks, y'all![​IMG]
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    start the grit around week 10 and once they fully feather out then the should be fine in the coop

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