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Oct 28, 2020
We added 2 hens to our group making it 4 total. The 2 new hens do not roost inside the coop but sleep on the floor in half of the nesting area. I clean out their poop every morning, but isn't this strange. We had 2 others before and they all roosted at night. We thought it was the pecking order, the older hens chased the young ones away from the treats etc but now they all seem to get along fine. Any suggestions on how to remedy this or is it fine as is? They all produce regularly ...
Any suggestions on how to remedy this or is it fine as is?
Hi there, welcome to BYC! :frow

Poop in the nesting area is a major issue for ME. And I DON'T want to clean it every day. Hatching eggs are worth too much.. so poopy nests is a deal breaker and any bird that won't get with the program would be re-homed.

I do have lower roosts and they definitely help the lower pecking order birds.. so that's a great suggestion.

You might also consider training them to roost. Do this by going in after dark a putting them up on the roost.. for several evening in a row.. working your way to lighter conditions which will include more pecking antics than the dark. Persistence is key, they will get the hint.. they naturally WANT to be roosted higher.

Add another roost at the same height.. Even thought they are all getting on during the day.. roost time antics are brutal and the elders have territorial claim for NOW.

Since they are lower in the pecking order and I have no clue what they did at their previous location I wouldn't go as far as to call it strange maybe just not what is expected.

Also inquiring.. are we talking about new additions being Silkies which can't see well and don't adjust the quickest to new surrounding especially unknown roosting sites?

Maybe giving the new additions time to hang out on that roost during the day time without the other ladies and become familiar with it as a "safe" place as part of the training. They are creatures of habit and should quickly adjust once you set the expectation.. IF they are capable. :)

Best wishes! Pics always welcome! :pop

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