2 of the cooked eggs have hatched!


12 Years
Jan 9, 2008
Washburn, MO

I looked in this morning and no pips, no nothing, then a couple hours later, I thought I heard something and there were 2 of them peeking out. Unfortunately, after several hours not much progress was being made, so I peeled back a bit of shell and sure enough, the membrane was dry and glued down onto them. So I helped them out with some judicious peeling and dabs of warm water and finally they came out. There is NO way they could have hatched by themselves, as they were slowly turning into shrink wrapped balls! I let them dry for a couple hours, then I transferred them out of the hatch tray to the brooder because they were bopping around and getting stuck between the sides of the tray and the other eggs. They have most of their down plastered and glued to their bodies, but were sitting up and moving around. I figure if they make it through the night, I'll try a few more dabs of water and a cottonball to unglue them.

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