2 Olive Egger cockerels, Free in the thinnest part of Maryland


5 Years
May 27, 2017
Western Maryland
Free, to a good home (or trade for pullet/hen), I have an F1 and F2 Olive Egger cockerel. Must pick up in Hancock, MD (off work times) or Hagerstown, MD (at specific times). Both have been decent cockerels, at 9 weeks they are not scared but also not lap birds.

The copper neck one, came from a darker green egg, the lighter shade on, came from a mid green egg. They have been on None gmo Starter (6wks) and none gmo grower from Ernst feed in Clear Spring, MD since. Enjoying mealworms as well since week 2. The ONLY reason I'm not keeping them all, is I've bought 14 "pullets", that at week 4 can totally see that 2 EE are cockerels, 1 BO cockerel, and possibly a SS cockerel. I want no more that one of any type.


pick taken 3/3/2018. "CopperNeck" is the red comb furthest north, with the copper streaks on back. The other, "Dothead", because that was the way to tell him apart at day one, is the one sunbathing in the lower right corner.


Copperneck (top) with our Miracle Baby (hatched 2-3 days later than all others) wind at their back. Straight Comb. F1


Dothead a few weeks ago. Pea Comb. F2


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