2 Pullet Hens please help identify


Easily distracted by Chickens
5 Years
Jun 3, 2016
Lewiston NY
White one looks like a white plymouth rock or a leghorn, Although I personally think it looks more like a plymouth rock. And the Black one looks like a black sexlink.


Jun 21, 2018
Granville, Australia
White Rock or leghorn.

They are more than 9 weeks already. I will post ear lobes of the white one when i get back from New Zealand in a week.

I have one Isa Brown aswell (also on the website) has to be the friendliest chicken ive ever had it follows me around the garden so i let it out of its coop everytime i'm in the garden to free range/forage.

What are the people friendly breeds of chicken besides Isa Brown?

At what age do you think i can integrate these two with the Isa Brown who is around 8 months now, i think these two are around 3 months old already. Isa Brown is sitll much bigger when the three are allowed some roaming time, she keeps trying to peck at them. But her beak has been trimmed so I guess she cant seriously hurt them. But on the other hand i probably should beak and wing clip them at some stage.

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